castello odescalchi di bracciano

castello odescalchi di bracciano
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Special visit
castello odescalchi di bracciano @ all right reserved 2018
Private Tour (with Guide)
And' possible to book this tour any day of the week, including Monday.
The visits have a duration of ca 1 Hr and may also be required in the language English, French, German, Spanish and Russian.

The cost varies depending on the number of participants:

Up to 10 Pax = € 120,00 single ticket
Complex groups between 11 and 24 Pax = € 120,00 + € 8.50 for each additional person over 10
Over 25 Pax = € 6,00 per person + Cost of the guided visit € 70,00 in a foreign language

The prices are inclusive of entrance ticket

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Private Tour of the Museum,
Secret Garden and Apartments

This exclusive tour includes the museum and areas normally closed to the public: the Secret Garden and the apartments used by Paolo Giordano Orsini and Isabella de' Medici.

This tour is available every day of the week, including Monday (depending on availability).

The tour lasts approximately one and a half hours. Languages available: English, German and Spanish.

The cost varies depending on the number of participants:

Up to 10 participants = € 150 single ticket

Groups between 11 and 24 = € 150 + € 10 for each additional participant

Over 25 participants = € 10 per person.

Admission prices include the entry ticket.

Cocktail Tour

This unique tour couples the traditional guided tour of the Castle architecture and art treasures with a wine + food tasting cocktail of local farm-to-fork products served in a specially-designated area of the mansion.

Duration: approximately 2 hours

Admission price: € 300; maximum 12 participants.


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Adventure Tours
In collaboration with the Recovery Energy Association, the Odescalchi Castle is proud to announce the first-ever activity-itinerary initiatives to be held in Italy. The tours, open to all age groups, include the traditional tour of the Castle and other unusual, adventurous itineraries, now available for the first time.


Discover the "Secret Passage" in the Odescalchi Castle during an exciting tour designed for families and children aged 8+. After the full guided tour of the Castle rooms participants will be provided with the proper equipment to scale the walls as a roped party to reach the ramparts and patrol paths and enjoy the incredible, breathtaking view. From this vantage point participants can take in the town of Bracciano, the Tolfa mountains, Mount Soratte, Terminillo and the Lucretili Mountains as well as splendid views of the lake.

The excitement doesn’t stop here. Participants can experience the thrill of descending into the dark depths of the Castle. Using simple speleological techniques, the roped party will lower itself into the Castle’s main cistern and then exit through a secret passage!

For families and children aged 8+
Duration: approximately three hours. 
Guided tour: one hour; activities: two hours.

Admission price: € 29 per person. Groups and families of minimum 4 people € 25.00 per person.

Adventure Tours are on the last Sunday of every month.

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Vertical Adventure

An unforgettable experience! Challenge yourself during the "Vertical Adventure" by stepping over the crenellated ramparts at the top of the Castle and then, roped together, descend the sheer walls at whatever speed your nerves and body will allow! Pure adrenaline; the best ever.

A thorough preparatory technical briefing will help participants tackle these inaccessible perpendicular walls.

After climbing over the battlements at the top of the Castle participants rope down to the courtyard at ground level. Vertically suspended and with all senses on high alert, participants can decide how fast or slow they wish to descend while the aerial views of Bracciano merge with the majesty of the lake. A truly unforgettable experience leaving behind indescribable memories.

For families and children aged 10+
Duration: approximately three hours. Check the dates on the calendar!
For information and reservations:

Tel. +39 06 99804348

Email. booking@recovery-energy.it

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