castello odescalchi di bracciano
castello odescalchi di bracciano

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Sala delle Armi - Castello Odescalchi di Bracciano (3)
Historical Tour

Students from all schools can take this tour since the vocabulary and contents are tailored to each age group.

The tour is a historical and artistic journey of discovery focusing on the complex architectural structure of the castle and the variety and opulence of its embellishments and furnishings: an ongoing dialogue between the history of the castle and the artefacts in the museum.

The tour through the many lavishly-decorated and frescoed rooms also includes a walk along the ramparts at the top of the crenellated towers and a visit to the kitchens and weapons halls.

Duration : approximately 1 hour.

Admission price: € 6,00 per student. Two free tickets for accompanying persons every 15 students.

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Educational Workshops
Students from all schools can take this tour since the vocabulary and contents are tailored to each age group.

Educational Workshops
Kindergarten and primary school (3-10 age group)

Educational Workshops

Primary and Secondary School (8-14 age group)

Sala delle Armi - Castello Odescalchi di Bracciano (12)

Interactive Animated Tour

This tour has two different itineraries: one for nursery school children, the other for the first three

primary school classes. During this interactive tour, the children’s fervid imagination is stimulated by virtually opening the doors of the picturesque Odescalchi Castle in Bracciano and allowing them to physically experience what they have so far imagined only in fairy tales. Ad hoc didactic activities are used to enhance the educational subject matter of children’s literature and stimulate their imagination.

The tour is an entertaining opportunity to introduce them to history by allowing them to interact using nursery rhymes and stories. Older children will be given useful ideas so they can learn a new terminology and expand their knowledge.

Duration: approximately 1 hour

Admission price: € 8,50 per student. Minimum group size: 15 students. Two free tickets for accompanying persons every 15 students.

Adventure Tours

Unlike a traditional museum tour, this unusual but equally informative educational tour involves participants in a simulated “Castle Assault" that will stimulate their rational and emotional reactions and also help them remember the experience.

Three interconnected elements - Action Training / Emotion / Game - are used as pedagogical tools to enhance the participants’ learning capacity.

In addition to the normal tour of the Castle’s rooms, collections, courtyards and ramparts, participants

will perform theoretical and practical activities in the Park and Stables.

After an initial briefing, participants will be given a short "lesson on knots"; they will be taught how to make simple knots as well as learn their purpose and how they work so that they can use this knowledge during the actual assault on the castle. Participants are then divided into groups; each group will decide on the best strategy to conquer the fortress either by climbing the old walls and entering the Castle through a small, four metre service door, or by challenging each other while walking along an aerial cable car.

Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Admission price: € 12 per student. Two free tickets for accompanying persons every 15 students.

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